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John 9 NIV - Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind - As he - Bible

Date: 2018-02-19 14:28

I was with my partner 65 years and recently he just walked out on me only leaving a letter explaining why he left & what he expected me to do in order to win him back. He said I should get a career (which I already have but obviously not good enough) and should stop talking when we are around his family. When he left I contacted his mother & father who swore they hadn 8767 t heard from but I knew they were only protecting their son & I don 8767 t blame them for that. He has taken off for a week in the past but never left a letter & always left money to help me pay our bills & home. This time around he took our only car, left me a pile of bills and his damn dog. Since then I have seen him on 7 occassions. 6st time we never really had a chance to talk personally due to nosey family always hanging around to be nosey so we didn 8767 t really get to speak but we were very touchy & intimate coz we missed eachother. 7nd time we hired a hotel room and enjoyed our selves immensely however when he told me his parents were helping him by financing his escape I flew into a deep rage because I lost my house, car & the person I thought loved me. Since then I deleted his number & blocked from contact for now. But he uses people to pass messages that he loves me & I 8767 m the only woman he 8767 ll ever love. Because he 8767 s took off in the past I 8767 ve never truely forgiven him. He broke my trust because of all the lies & deceit & the fact he wasn 8767 t embarrassed to ask people to lie to from both our families is what really infuriates me. It 8767 s also made me accuse him of being a cheating man even tho I know he 8767 s more likely to cheat on me with a car than an actual person (he 8767 s a rev head through & through). He says he wants me to move on but at the same time while i 8767 m trying he keeps popping through txts or asks his family to contact me to reassure me that he loves me. Honestly I 8767 m over never feeling good enough. I just want to move on but do it in a civilised way without being bitter. He 8767 s always depended on me to wait for him and look after his person items & pet. Everytime this has happened I do what he expect because I thought that was love. Now I realise that he thinks he 8767 s got me wrapped around my finger but I want to show him that I can be unpredictable and move on without allowing him the priviledge of running back to me. When he lies he ends up telling different stories to me, to his mother and to other people in general.

Jobs | Deafdigest

• Assists Agency Director in developing, evaluating, and delivering of existing and new services to meet the needs of individuals throughout the State of New Mexico who are deafblind or deaf with significant disabilities
• Assists the Agency Director in the development and management in formulating administrative and operational polices and procedures for consumers who are deafblind or deaf/hard of hearing with other disabilities
• Assists the Agency Director in oversight and monitoring of contracts to maintain objectives and contractual goals
• Oversees and monitors staffing patterns to assure appropriate departmental response to consumer needs, as well as budgetary restraints
• Assists Agency Director in recruiting, and training program staff
• Evaluates and provides constructive performance feedback to staff
• Assures that all staff are fully trained in the profession of services and utilizing best practices in services to persons who are deafblind or deaf/hard of hearing with significant disabilities
• Responsible for networking with other professionals around the state to identify individuals who are deafblind or deaf/hard of hearing with significant disabilities
• Provides advocacy in the areas of public benefits, education and other systems in each community around the state where deafblind persons can access
Provides intake services to include reviewing referral information, completing case history (bio psychosocial) intake, and other forms
• Works with agency staff to develop a coordinated service plan and assures that consumers obtain desired services.
• Oversees the creation of supports, social and educational opportunities and coordinates for other opportunities for consumers of COPD-NM
• Attends NMCDHH and other stakeholder meetings, as required/needed
• Develops, recommends and assists Agency Director in the development of the SSP (Support Service Provider) program
• Oversees the integration of individuals who are deaf blind or deaf with significant disabilities into other services in the NM area and within COPD-NM such as Vocational Rehabilitation, community resources, HUD housing, etc.
Oversees the daily operation of the SSP program, assuring training of all SSP’s, coordinating service needs of the persons on the case load and developing additional services monitors quality of services and billing processes
• Oversees the daily operation of the FCC’s iCanConnect Program
• Supervises staff (Scheduler, SSPs, and Program Coordinators)
• Assures referrals to other programs and that services are followed through
• Assists Agency Director with obtaining other funding to support individuals who are deafblind or deaf/hard of hearing with significant disabilities
• Assures billable units each week are met for program compliance
• Assists the Agency Director and Office Manager in preparation of monthly reports and/billings for contracts
• Supports COPD-NM in the development of community activities, Board priorities and staff training
• Serves as part of the agency Management team as requested and provides input regarding agency needs
• Develops new programs and opportunities
• May drive agency or personal vehicle on company business

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